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The 8Bit Heroes Podcast Episode 16 – “Dragon Justice Ball League War Z” Show Notes

You can listen to Episode 16 “Dragon Justice Ball League War Z” here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/8bitheropodcast/Episode_16_-_Biteful_Bacon.mp3

8Bit News

8Bit Review: Justice League War

  • Jump to the 23:00 mark on the episode to hear our review of the latest DC animated film, Justice League: War

8Bit Tips: Marriage & Gaming

  • Jump to the 40:42 mark on the episode to hear our advice for finding the right game to play with your girlfriend/spouse and more!

Video of the Week: Godzilla Official Trailer


#8 – Next-Gen Nocturnal Knights of the Oval Table Show Notes

Listen to this episode here:

Trailer Talk:

The Main Debate: Batman Arkham Origins Review!


“Personal Mission” Trailer:

Next-Gen Rowdy Rumors: “Xbox One 720p” Controversy

TitanFall “Xbox Only” Controversy

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