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Thor is a Ther

Will Thor be called Ther now?

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Happy Birthday, N64! My Top Ten Nintendo 64 Games

From Doing Barrel Rolls to Throwing Shells At Friends, We Countdown the Top 10 Games on the Nintendo 64.

Written by Jonathan Steele

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Mario Kart 8 Review

The latest installment in the world’s #1 karting series is finally here. After decades of great racing experiences, Mario Kart 8 aims to be the culmination and perfection of all that came before it, and it surpasses that goal with ease. The core gameplay of Mario Kart 8 is as brilliantly fun as ever, and this eighth entry feels like the crowning achievement of the series.

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The 8Bit Heroes Podcast #19 “Mutant House Pets” – Show Notes

Listen to this episode here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/8bit-heroes-podcast-19-mutant/id699036109?i=290773732&mt=2

Hot Off The Press/Still Dripping w/ Ink!

We also give our 8Bit Review of Superior Spider-Man #30!

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Video of the Week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cat

The 8Bit Heroes Podcast Episode 18 “PLOT TWIST” – Show Notes

Listen to this episode here:

News Discussed in This Episode


Videoes of the Week

  • Master Chief vs Captain America by BatintheSun (Warning: little bit of blood at the end)

  • X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer 2


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