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Thor is a Ther

Will Thor be called Ther now?

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2014-2015 Game Trailer Compilation

I decided it would be totally rad to take several of my favorite game trailers from E3 and mix them all together into one video, like a giant, delicious, Jason’s Deli salad. The kind that has more bacon than lettuce. Enjoy!


The 8Bit Heroes Podcast #19 “Mutant House Pets” – Show Notes

Listen to this episode here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/8bit-heroes-podcast-19-mutant/id699036109?i=290773732&mt=2

Hot Off The Press/Still Dripping w/ Ink!

We also give our 8Bit Review of Superior Spider-Man #30!

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Video of the Week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cat

Divergent Review

Divergents threaten the system. And good films.

Written by Logan Sharp

I’ve never read the Divergent books. While my wife was reading them, she was telling me about the story and it just did not interest me. I got the idea that all teen adventure books had flocked to this dystopian world theme that they were all the same. Now after seeing the film, I may consider picking up the book and giving it a read.

Full Review

The 8Bit Heroes Podcast Episode 18 “PLOT TWIST” – Show Notes

Listen to this episode here:

News Discussed in This Episode


Videoes of the Week

  • Master Chief vs Captain America by BatintheSun (Warning: little bit of blood at the end)

  • X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer 2


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The 8Bit Heroes Podcast Episode 16 – “Dragon Justice Ball League War Z” Show Notes

You can listen to Episode 16 “Dragon Justice Ball League War Z” here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/8bitheropodcast/Episode_16_-_Biteful_Bacon.mp3

8Bit News

8Bit Review: Justice League War

  • Jump to the 23:00 mark on the episode to hear our review of the latest DC animated film, Justice League: War

8Bit Tips: Marriage & Gaming

  • Jump to the 40:42 mark on the episode to hear our advice for finding the right game to play with your girlfriend/spouse and more!

Video of the Week: Godzilla Official Trailer

The 8Bit Heroes Podcast Episode 15 “All The Polkamanz” Show Notes

Listen to Episode 15 “All The Polkamanz” at this link:

News Discussed in this Episode:

Adam Sessler’s Impressions of Gameplay

Ms. Marvel #1 Review

  • Written Review Coming After Issue #2!

Comic-Con/Sci-Fi Expo

  • From meeting Stephen Amell, broken escalators and a great time, 8Bit Hero Derek Smith recounts his time at his first convention. Check the episode around the 49:15 mark!

Video of the Week!

  • While this was not discussed on the show, we have to share the visually awesome and hilarious trailer for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film, coming out August 1!

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