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Hello friends!

Over the past few months, we at the 8Bit Heroes Podcast have had a blast bringing you news and entertainment as we’ve discussed much of today’s top news in the geek culture. Unfortunately, there’s been a snag in the production of the podcast, but never fear, it’s only temporary! As of this week, The 8Bit Heroes Podcast has been placed on a temporary hold. A few kinks need to be worked out before we can resume broadcasting again.

  • As you guys probably know, we are both seminarians, which includes a lot of reading, writing, and Greek translating. We are now in the heat of the semester which demands much of our time. We need to make sure we are taking care of business on our end so that we can have fun making a podcast.
  • Random Hero, the band that supplies you with awesome music and our intro music, has recently signed to a record label, Red Chord Records. Even though we had received permission from Random Hero to use their music, we are not able to use it any longer due to legal reasons. With that, our previous episodes are being removed in hope that we can at least reedit some of them. That’s still to be determined.
  • With the previously stated point, we are needing to make some changes to our podcast, such as a new intro song, plus any other ways we can make the overall quality of the podcast better.

On the plus side, our social media components (Twitter and WordPress) will remain active, where we will continue to provide reviews and news, as time allows for both of us. We will most likely be back to broadcasting in about a month or so. So have an ear out for us around mid-late December!

We thank you so much for your patience and your time you’ve given to listen to our podcast! We appreciate every single one of you!

Never fear, the 8Bit Heroes Podcast will rise again!


twitter: @8BitHeroPodcast