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Thor is a Ther

Will Thor be called Ther now?

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2014-2015 Game Trailer Compilation

I decided it would be totally rad to take several of my favorite game trailers from E3 and mix them all together into one video, like a giant, delicious, Jason’s Deli salad. The kind that has more bacon than lettuce. Enjoy!


E3 2014 Best of Show / Microsoft & Sony

Written by Logan Sharp

Oh, E3. Every time it comes around, it makes me feel as if Christmas, my birthday and the 4th of July have all come early. In my honest opinion, yesterday was a fantastic day for gamers. We got glimpses at some incredible new IPs, great indie games as well as seeing some of our old friends return. Out of all the games shown, which one is the best? Here are my picks:

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Nerdy Nummies!

If you listened to Episode 22 “We Like TV Shows”, we plugged a YouTube channel hosted by Rosanna Pansino, who does a series of videos called “Nerdy Nummies”. My wife and I have had a huge blast watching these videos and watch at least 4 videos a day now. It’s time you all knew about this, if you didn’t already know. Rosanna is a really rad girl and it’s been awesome to see her get so much attention in magazines, media and even New York billboards! Check out her YouTube channel and here’s a few of my personal favorites!

Ben Affleck in the Batsuit & Kinect-less $399 Xbox One?!

It’s not too often that Christmas comes early but today, it did!

Ben Affleck’s Batsuit Looks RAD!

Zack Snyder tweeted out today:


We now have a look at what Ben Affleck in the Batsuit will look like in the upcoming tentatively titled “Superman vs Batman”. I think the suit looks RAD! The only major gripe I have with the suit is the bloated Bat-symbol. To me, it seems a little too wide but I’m sure that as I continue admiring the suit, it will grow on me.

It’s interesting also that the suit resembles Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” suit. I’m curious to see how much the film will play out like “Dark Knight Returns” and if we’ll get a cameo from Green Arrow. Here’s hoping Stephen Amell gets his due and plays Ollie on the big screen.

Kinect-less $399 Xbox One: Confirmed!

On the heels of this news, Microsoft dropped a bomb today! On Major Nelson’s blog, Phil Spencer has announced that, starting June 9th, Microsoft will sell a $399 Xbox One model. Cut from this model is the Kinect. For a cheaper price, you lose the snazzy ability to tell your Xbox to turn on, open apps and such but for $100 less? That’s not necessarily a bad trade-off.

I’ve said that Phil Spencer is the right guy for Xbox and he has been proving it since he’s stepped into his new role. This is such a big move that the decision for the consumer is more difficult now. Do I make the switch to PS4 or stick with my Xbox-buds who love Halo? For the same price point as the PS4, this summer, and holiday season, will prove to be quite interesting for sales numbers.

I love my PS4 but had this Xbox One been available at launch, I would have stayed with Xbox One. Especially with my resurgence of love for Call of Duty, and the unquestionable bigger player base being on the Xbox, I would love to play a game with my friends that actually has enough people to allow for me to switch to different game modes and not be held down to only three on the PS4.

What do you think about the new Batsuit? Will you buy an Xbox One now? Let us know in the comments below!