Nintendo Just Beat Skylanders

Written by Logan Sharp

With the announcement of Amiibo from Nintendo at this year’s E3, Skylanders should be shaking in their boots.

As I watched Nintendo’s press conference at E3 this year, my jaw dropped as they unveiled Amiibo. The gaming community is already familiar with the concept of buying a figurine that comes to life inside of a game via a base station. This concept has come a huge success with games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity banking on it. The problem with these figurines, however, is that they only work with one game. On top of that, the figurines don’t level, power-up or upgrade.

Now imagine buying a figurine that can be used across several games. Not only that but that figurine can learn, grow and level up the more it’s played. Imagine it being able to fight alongside you in Super Smash Bros. or race with you in Mario Kart. That is what Amiibo is bringing to the Wii U.

Now, that $15 (I’m assuming that’s how much they’ll cost) figurine has more value than the other figurine who is stuck in one game and does not level up or play alongside you. Nintendo has been seen as behind on a lot of things but this week, with the announcement of Amiibo, they’ve come out ahead. I’m excited to see what Amiibo has to offer in the future and I look forward to having a Samus and Link figurine standing proudly on my entertainment system.

Your move, Skylanders.


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Just Beat Skylanders”

  1. The figures do upgrade, level and power-up and the data is stored on the toy. You can also play other Skylander games with the toys as well. I get your point about the Amiibo figures being able to be played in different games, but your original statement was a little off.

    1. I guess my original point is that they’re not borderline autonomous in-game, at least when compared to Smash Bros. The fact I can have my Amiibo fight alongside me is huge. – L

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