Edge of Tomorrow Review

Written by Logan Sharp

A futuristic film filled with mech-suits, time travel, explosions and a surprisingly good story.

Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise as a military general (I think. I’m horrible with military ranks and remembering them) who winds up on the front lines with a rag-tag squad fighting aliens in a futuristic take on Beaches of Normandy. During the battle, Tom Cruise’s character inherits time travel powers and winds up reliving the same day over and over. ┬áIt’s basically Groundhog’s Day meets Oblivion meets Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

“…it’s not near as annoyingly repetitive as you might think from the trailer.”

You would think a film that takes place on the same day repeatedly would get really boring really quick. To some degree, it does but this movie does a great job of changing things up enough that breaks up the monotony and follows a cleverly designed story through to a somewhat cop-out conclusion. I can’t really go much further than that for spoiler reasons. What I can tell you is that, while some scenes did not necessarily needed to be repeated, it’s not near as annoyingly repetitive as you might think from the trailer.


The rationale for the movie is on the same line as Pacific Rim. Aliens are here, humans make “monsters” to fight back and that’s it. Edge of Tomorrow doesn’t really concern itself with explaining every little detail, which I can appreciate. The movie does not need to hold my hand and explain every little thing because the story does not warrant it.

The aliens, called Mimics, are cool looking, sort of. They’re like Venom from Spider-Man in that they’re constantly shifting and morphing like a liquid sea urchin. There are three different types of aliens: pawns, alphas and big brain. I’ve forgotten the actual names, save for alphas, and I’m renaming them to fit. The alphas reminded me a lot of the beast from the upcoming game, Evolve. There were a few parts where they looked a little funky but they certainly were terrifying. From randomly appearing to pulling a classic Tremors appearance, these things are lethal, sneaky and fun to watch.

“Watching him fight in the mech-exo-skeleton suit has it’s moments of rad…”

The cast for this film is solid all around. Tom Cruise is at his best here and reminds me of the fun times I had seeing him in the last two Mission Impossible films. You see him become this guy freaked out over the fact he is reliving the same day to a hardened soldier hell-bent on killing these aliens and saving the human race. Watching him fight in the mech-exo-skeleton suit has it’s moments of rad as he did things that I can only hope show up in the next Call of Duty that features suits similar to these.


Emily Blunt is a battle-hardened soldier aiding Cruise in his pursuit to find out what is happening and stop it. Her character has an interesting role in the story and comes with a neat little twist as to how she understands Cruise’s character and his struggles. It’s an interesting role for her as well, as she is usually in a different film. Sure, you could argue she had some action-esque roles in The Adjustment Bureau but for this being her first action film, she does a solid job of selling that she’s this tough Full Metal B, as the supporting cast so eloquently calls her.

“Overall, Edge of Tomorrow is an incredibly fun ride.”

It’s hard to hate this movie. It truly is. Whether it’s because of the time travel or competent writing, the pacing never feels too quick or annoying. Some scenes are repeated that don’t require it but that’s my only complaint. Well, save for the hamstrung cop-out of an ending. I wish I could go into more detail but once you see it, you’ll know what I mean.

Overall, Edge of Tomorrow is an incredibly fun ride. The action is great, there’s moments of comedic relief that don’t feel out of place and Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are great lead roles. It’s the perfect film to kick off the summer. (Next to X-Men: DoFP)

I give Edge of Tomorrow an 8.5 out of 10.


Did you see Edge of Tomorrow? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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