Lego: Marvel Superheroes Review

Growing up, I had no shortage of Lego sets around my house. I loved taking them apart and building them back up into towering structures or make-shift vehicles. I also loved comic books, primarily Spider-Man and the X-Men. When you put those two together, you have a fantastic combination for success. Does Lego: Marvel Superheroes excel in the fun or does it fall apart?

No. No it does not fall apart.

If you’ve played any Lego video game, you’ve practically played them all. Recently with the Lego superhero games, they’ve brought in voice actors that have taken the place of the humorous motions and actions of the characters to properly tell a story and Lego: Marvel Superheroes is no different.

The game takes place after Iron Man 3, I guess. I don’t think the story is supposed to really be taken as part of the movie or comics canon but it certainly makes plenty of references to both. From the Avengers making fun of Spider-Man for not joining them to Spider-Man making references to his story lines in comics, there’s something here for both comic fans and film lovers. The story is something that would come straight out of a cross-over event in the comics and is peppered with hilarious commentary of the characters and their actions. My personal favorite is Dr. Doom’s naming of his Dr. Doom’s Doomsday Doom-Ray of Doom.

Something the Lego games have always done well is their simplistic gameplay with a healthy mix of puzzles that can be sometimes confusing. It’s a lot of the same gameplay mechanics in this game but with the incredibly large roster of characters from the Marvel universe. This is where the game has the potential to become stale and dry but for some reason, at least for me, these games never get old to me. There’s a few things in the game to keep me interested in playing for hours on end, whether that’s watching Bruce Banner change into a Lego-ized Hulk or flying around as Iron Man, there is enough here that kept me interested.

Now, these games are known for their hidden gems of collecting pieces and parts to build mini-Legos or unlock characters. Lego: Marvel boasts an impressive roster of 60+ characters, both heroes and villains, from the Marvel universe. Some that are well-known but most that are not and I truly appreciated seeing some of these characters like Nova, A-Bomb and Falcon getting a video game version of themselves, even if it be a Lego version. All come with a different set of powers and they all feel enough to be different but similar to other characters i.e. Thor feels like a mix between Iron Man and Hulk.

Playing the game on PS4 runs smooth and the inclusion of the touch-pad makes gameplay even more fun. During gameplay, simply press the touch-pad and the in-game map appears and you can begin setting markers and finding hidden characters. I’d like to see this feature implemented in a more innovative fashion in future games, as this seems to be a popular use of the touch-pad in other games, at least for Assassin’s Creed.

Lego: Marvel Superheroes is a hilarious, block-building and smashing good time. If you enjoy Marvel superheroes, whether that’s comics, movies or both, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this game. Despite the same gameplay as past games, which does get repetitive at times, it’s a fantastic game with plenty of content to keep even the most hardcore fan busy for months.

I give Marvel: Lego Superheroes an 8.5 out of 10.


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