Why I’m Not Getting a Next Gen Console

Written by: Logan Sharp

I’m not getting a next-gen console at launch.

Believe me, I want to pick one, or both, up and play them into the sunset. I’d love to get a PS4 and start playing some next-gen games, along with the ones developed for current-gen. Unfortunately, I’m going to be rocking my Xbox 360 this holiday season. Here’s my top 5 reasons I’m not getting a next-gen console:

No Games: All the games I want to play, I can play on current-gen. There is not a single game that makes me say, “My goodness, little Timmy! I MUST get a next-gen console”! I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, obsessively, for the past week. Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield would be nice for next-gen but I can play those without having to spend $400+. Sure, the games may not look their “best”, even though Call of Duty looks the exact same on both current and next-gen, but I can pick them up and play them right now. With Watchdogs getting pushed back, along with a few others, I simply am not excited about any of the games being released at launch.

Inevitable Bugs/Crashes:I’ve never been an early adopter of next-gen consoles because of the inevitable bugs they have. I remember when the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 came out; both were plagued with launch issues such as system crashes, combustible components and whatnot. I still remember the horror stories from friends who picked up a Day One console and had nothing but issues. I’m sure Sony and Microsoft have gone well out of their way to ensure this does not repeat but I’m still a little weary.

Lack of Time: In my seminary career, it may seem like I have a bountiful amount of time but truth is I simply don’t have much time to devote to a new console. I have papers coming up, book reviews to write and more that I simply cannot be distracted from right now. Maybe during Christmas break, but not right now. Unless I want to fail my classes. As fun as it sounds, it wouldn’t be worth it. I know some would bring up “self-control”, that goofy thing where I monitor my time while playing a game on next-gen but let’s be honest: if I get a new console, I’m going to want to spend every waking minute exploring the menus, the online stores and everything the console has to offer.

Reviews: I do not know which system will run better or what launch titles will be worth picking up. So, I’m waiting for the reviews. While I definitely will be buying a Playstation 4 as my first next-gen console, Xbox still has time to sway me to the other side of the fence. If the launch titles receive better reviews, I may just wind up saving up a little bit extra to get the Xbox One. Considering the launch titles for the Playstation 4 got so-so reviews (looking at you Killzone and Knack), if the Xbox One doesn’t get much better, I’ll get the PS4 first. Since I can essentially play a PS4 through an Xbox One, it’s very tempting to somehow get both or the Xbox One first.

Jealous: As many reasons as I come up with, the truth is I waited too long and didn’t get a pre-order. My fate has become the lone gamer in the corner, playing an old console.

What about you? Are you getting the PS4 and/or Xbox One at launch? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Getting a Next Gen Console”

  1. I own both and I really hate to say it, agreeing with everyone Mr. Sharp has said I look at the short list of games that are out now (we are at this point about 4 months into the releases) and to see that games are being ported (such a nasty word as is DLC and in app/game purchase) there isn’t anything major to see…killer instinct was a big deal for me until I realized that it wasn’t a *full game* just a fighter minus fatalities, minus a story (yes I like the weak stories in fighters lol) but battlefield looks the same on all 4 consoles to me…maybe I don’t have the sharpest eyes but I’ve played on standard def, and high def…on optimal sets (LED’s) and standard def (the next gen systems require you to have a hi-def set up….besides we all know the story a smaller version is sure to hit and make people like me angry….

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! I enjoy my PS4 but I want to play games! I bought a Wii U recently and have been greatly enjoying my time with it. Playing classics like Mega Man X and Super Metroid have been a wave of blissful nostalgia. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World are easily the best games I have played all year (next to inFamous: Second Son). I look forward to Destiny and CoD:Advanced Warfare but they’re not TRUE next-gen games. – Logan

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