When Games Give Thanks

Thank you.

A phrase we often forget to say to people from what I’ve noticed. When I was browsing the internet a couple days ago, I came across this phrase on a website I least expected to see it coming from an even more unexpected source. While browsing articles on IGN, I came across an article titled, “Happy N7 Day – Thank You to Fans”, which I will post in this article. Upon opening the article, I was flooded with nostalgia as the characters from Mass Effect flashed across the screen, greeting me once again. My memories brought me back to when I played the first Mass Effect, meeting my new team and interacting with them. From there, I was brought on a train ride through the second and third installment, remembering my choices and the consequences of them, both good and bad. As the video drew to a close, the characters, my team, each said, “Thank you. Thank you for the hours you spent, the enemies you defeated, the people you cared for and those you lost. Thank you for the epic journey”.

I was completely shocked by the end of this video. Not because Bioware made me relive those epic and tragic moments from the game but because Bioware made a thank you video. A thank you video to the fans of the series that voiced their compliments and critiques but through it all remained loyal to the series. After I closed the article, a single thought crept into my head: why don’t other game developers do that?

Sure, they may say thanks every now and then but I’m talking about saying thank you to the fans in a meaningful way. A way that takes them back through those fun adventures they had, reliving those great, epic-scale battles and the characters we enjoyed having around. Granted, I know that probably takes time, money and other resources to make a video like that, especially if you gather together the original voice actors, but it’s definitely an idea worth chewing on.

Perhaps this is just a one-time thing that will blow on through town and everyone will forget about it. Perhaps this is the start of something new that developers will do to thank their fans of an ongoing series. Perhaps this is just setting the bar too high for other developers to achieve.

But I do know one thing and that is saying thank you, a genuinely, heart-felt, thank you to fans, the people who supported, argued and waiting in long lines at midnight to get the game you put out, isn’t deadly but brings forth life and warmth.

Thank you, Bioware. For the memories, the great and hectic battles and the most eclectic cast of characters to ever grace my Xbox.

Here’s to many more.


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