Beware the Affleckman

Listen to this episode here.

  • God
  • Random Hero
  • You can keep up with them on Facebook, or on Twitter  and their website, complete with bios, news, media and merch.
  • Friends and family who supported and encouraged the growth of the podcast.
  • Friends over at Parents Press Play and The Manor’s Bit who were gracious enough to give us advice and support.

Segment 1: Batfleck! Affleckman!
Interesting News: Ben Affleck cast as Batman


Segment 2: Bryan Luthor? Lex Cranston?
More interesting news: Bryan “Heisenburg” Cranston to be Lex Luthor?


Thanks/Shout-Outs (Revisit)

  • God: smooth formation of the podcast
  • Random Hero: Use of music
  • Check them out at:
  • Facebook: Random Hero Band
  • Twitter: @RandomHeroBand
  • Website:
  • Friends at Parents Press Play & The Manor’s Bit

You can keep up with Logan at The Seminarianon Twitter and on Xbox Live.

You can keep up with Derek on Twitter and Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

For all news from 8Bit Heroes, follow them on Twitter.


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